Beehive fireplace screen with Kokopelli

Beehive fireplace screen with Kokopelli

We hand craft custom beehive fireplace screens for local Tucson, AZ customers. Many styles and colors to choose from.


4 thoughts on “Beehive fireplace screen with Kokopelli

    • Thank you Fran for you interest. Our beehive fireplace screens are custom measured and designed. If, you would like to email us some rough dimensions on the your fireplace we could give you a rough estimate of the cost. If you have further questions just email us.

      Thank again,

      • Very nice work. Trying to get an estimate on 2 beehive screens. We are listing our home for sale and are on a budget. We live in Tucson so can pick them up or stop by your store. Basically need something functional only. Dimensions are 22×28 and 26×34.
        Thank You for your time

      • Hi Maria,

        Thank you for you interest in our products. The larger screen 24″ x 36″ would be $480.00 The smaller screen would be $400.00. Since you live in Tucson we would be able to provide these products to you. A template would need to made of the fireplace opening and then the screen constructed. They are all custom made and we do not have a showroom to visit. We have a manufacturing site only where all of our products are custom built. Please let us know if you would like to continue with the items. We would email you a project estimate and would require a 50% deposit to continue. At that time we would schedule a home visit to measure and constructed a template for production. We are approximately 3 to 4 weeks out for completion at this time.

        Thank you

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